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May 23, 2023
May 24, 2023

Knights Arena May Gauntlet



Team Size

5 vs 5

Tournament Description

Knights Arena bringing you the $5,000 May Gauntlet tournament on May 23-24!

64 teams, GSL groups into Bo3 Single Elimination~

Tournament OVERVIEW

64 Team Best of Three GSL Bracket, with top 2 advancing per group. Final 16 teams are placed into another GSL Bracket, with top 2 advancing per group.

Dates: May 23rd-May 24th
Cap: 64-Team Tournament
Region: North America
Cost: $60/Team


Emails will be sent to participants to register their team on once ticket has been purchased
All matches will be assigned on the Battlefy website.
Players must report the scores as well as a screenshot after the conclusion of a game.


  • Games will be broadcasted on both days
  • Player Streaming:
    • 2 Minute Delay
    • Knights in title


$5,000 Prize Pool

  • 1st: $2,500
  • 2nd: $1,500
  • 3rd: $500
  • 4th: $500

Registration information


Register your team before the slots are sold out

Tournament SCHEDULE

Group Stages

  • 3:30PM EST - Captains Meeting on Discord!!!
  • All matches will be assigned and to be started at 4:00PM EST
  • 4:00PM EST - GSL Round 1 (BO1)
  • 5:00PM EST - GSL Upper Final (BO1, Upper Decider)
    • 5:00PM EST - GSL Lower Rd 1 (BO1 + Elimination)
  • 6:00PM EST - GSL Lower Rd 2 (BO1, Lower Decider + Elimination)
  • 7:00PM EST - Round of 32 (Best of Three)
  • 9:15PM EST - Round of 16 (Best of Three)


  • 4:00PM EST - Quarter Finals (Best of Three)
  • 6:15PM EST - Semi Finals (Best of Three)
  • 8:30PM EST - Grand Finals (Best of Three)